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To begin the process of renewing a Resident or Golf Cart Sticker please click the sticker you wish. All fields shown (except for additional vehicles) must be completed in order to get to the credit card screen. To use this system Branford taxes must be current and the credit card must be either Visa or Master Charge only.

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Online Sticker options
Branford residents seeking to renew a Resident or Golf Cart sticker for the same registered owner and vehicle (VIN) can apply online from this page without coming to the Town Hall by clicking the appropriate button.

It is necessary to come to the Town Hall for the initial Resident sticker or when there is a difference in the vehicle or owner from the initial application.

The Town has the motor vehicle registration, license and tax databases to validate the information for a match for registered vehicles. If there is not a match it will be necessary to come to the Town Hall for your sticker. Please understand our databases are not updated by the State on a daily basis and so while you may truly be a “resident”, if there’s no “match” we must ask you to come to the Town Hall. Golf carts require an initial inspection be made and passed by the Branford Police Department (203-481-4241) to be sure the golf cart complies with State and local rules. Required to pass the inspection are;

Owner must be a licensed driver and live in the Pine Orchard section of Town south of the Amtrak railroad tracks. The golf cart inspection will require working lights (not brake or signal—just front and rear lights) ,a horn, liability insurance and Yellow flag of at least 100 square inches that is positioned 6 feet off the ground and located rear left when looking at the cart from the rear.

All stickers are for a two year period. Resident stickers expire on the 31st of March on the even years. Golf cart stickers expire on the 31st of December of the even years.

Please call the Tax Office at 203-315-0672 with any questions.
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